Inflammation in Your Horse – It’s All Connected


The Life of our horses is not necessarily what they were created to do.  Yes, they are incredible athletes and the best partners we could ever ask for.  Keeping them happy and pain free is our biggest challenge.  When competing, it is especially hard whether riding English or Western, the toll taken on their joints is immense.

When you picture a horse with inflammation (arthritis) what comes to mind?  Is it an older horse or a retired horse with a sway back plodding along in a field?  A ten year old warmblood dressage horse who has performed well but is now having difficulty moving up to the next level? Or a five year old barrel racing Quarter Horse who isn’t making the times he was before?  The reality is that any one of these horses could be affected by arthritis, causing lameness, performance limitation and decreased mobility.  This is a progressive, degenerative disease that can affect any horse at any age and if left untreated and will limit the quality of their lives.

While there is no cure there are treatments available and research is ongoing as we strive to find ways to treat and delay the progression of the disease and improve soundness, so our equine athletes may have longer, more comfortable lives and careers.

Eastern medicine, particularly Ayurveda herbs offer a very effective way to treat and relieve inflammation (arthritis).  It works as well for animals particularly horses and dogs since we process everything very similarly.

I have been working now for close to fourteen years with my Ayurvedic doctor creating these herbal supplements to relieve and rid the body of the most common issues for horses and dogs.  These herbs treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms as conventional medication does.   In particular Inflam-Away and Lubri-Joint (click on the link to checkout our products) contain the ingredients needed to remove the inflammation and lubricate the joint effectively, so pain-free movement can be restored.

            Inflam Away Lubri joint


Are you’re supplements doing the job??


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