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INFLAM-AWAY addresses painful joint and body conditions.  It reacts synergistically to eliminate excess fluid, eases pain, and reduce inflammation in the joints and throughout the body.  The eliminated fluid is removed  through urination.



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    I am very impressed with the Holistichorseandhounds products for my horse. I own a 17-year old Appendix mare, she has a condition that causes hind end lameness. She has been on Senior Health, Blood Cleanse, and Inflam-away for about a year. I used to give her Isoxsuprine and a powdered aspirin. which were prescribed by the vet.

    I have noticed a remarkable difference in her health, stiffness of joints and even her gaits have improved. She enthusiastically enjoys an occasional gallop and a cross-rail or two.

    These products are easy to dispense and quite affordable. I recommend anyone to just try them … see for yourself how your horse improves!

    Happy Trails,

    – Judy Boyle and Brenna

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