Horses and dogs are living longer than ever before. We have the knowledge, feed and supplementation
to help them live a healthy, pain free and active senior life.
Whether they have had an active show career, barrel racing, eventing, dressage or a casual riding and
trail riding, we all age. Our horses can live well into their 30’s depending on the care and support they
receive. With some basic changes and extra supplemental care horses and dogs can live long, happy
healthy lives.

Senior horses with worn teeth or flat teeth are unable to grind regular soft hays. Feeding chopped
timothy and alfalfa mix in addition to soaked alfalfa cubes with soaked beet pulp can not only help them
chew better, it also helps with additional water in their system, extra protein for keep their weight and
better digestion.

Senior feeds with higher fat content and probiotics are very important also. Adding extra non GMO fats
can also be very helpful in keeping weight on, or adding weight.
Horse with PPID – Cushing disease requires a managed diet with lower sugars. Adding soaked beet pulp
and soaked alfalfa cubes which a has lower sugar content will help a crushing’s horse maintain or help
gain weight.

Arthritis and inflammation are other concerns for aging horses and dogs. These issues are also well
managed with diet and supplemental support.

Products such as Inflammaway, which removes excess fluids from joints and the body which cause
inflammation. Lubri-joint, which helps the body produce synovial fluid to lubricate the joints, Senior-
health which is an extreme anti-oxidant and antiaging supplement for vital organs, Equinety, which is
full of amino acids designed to enhance the life of your horse. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are also important

Inflam Away  

Lubri joint

Regular hoof trimmings and Biotin, copper and zinc are important for healthy hooves.
Exercise and a lot of turn out are most important for your horse no matter how old and more important
for the senior horses.

Senior dogs require similar aging support as horses do.

Keeping your dog active is very important. Maintaining muscle mass is the main driver of metabolism.
When dogs lose muscle mass they become frail. If your dog is slowing down and his level of activity is
changing it is usually because he is in pain. Most if not all senior dogs will inflammation/arthritis as they
age. Our environment and food cause inflammation and lack of movement will add to it.

We need to provide the best natural, holistic food appropriate for dogs such as high protein, raw, slow
cooked food, or as close as we can get to that. There are many choices, read the labels. Anything you
cannot pronounce or don’t recognize is probably not good for them.

The number one cause of pain in dogs is inflammation. Much of this is from the environment and food
and of course aging. Supplements like Inflamaway, which removes excess fluids in the joints and body,
Lubri-joint, which helps the body produce synovial fluid to lubricate the joints, Senior Health which is an
extreme antioxidant and antiaging supplement for vital organs and Boswellia and turmeric are helpful
as well. Equinety, which is full of amino acids is very helpful in keeping dogs healthy. Probiotics and
salmon oil are great for healthy digestion and skin.

The second biggest issue for dogs is stress and anxiety. Whether it be loud noises, being alone, going to
the vet, new situations etc. We have supplements that can really help them. Stress-Away and Equi-
Librium, are two of the best products for stress and anxiety. Stress-Away is for environmental stress
such as being alone, noise, new situations, care rides, any outside stressors. Equi-Librium is for anxiety,
such as fear, aggression, over reaction, coming from abusive situations, trust issues. Sometimes the
combination of both is needed in the beginning depending on the severity.

Heated or warm cushiony beds for seniors are also good for their aging bones and some anxiety as well.
The best thing we can do for our seniors be it Horse or Dog is LOVE. Lots of love and attention goes a
long way to keeping them happy and healthy. Feeling safe and secure makes a huge difference for
them, they know they are getting older too.

LOVE is the best health tonic ever!!!


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