There are many things that can make horses stressed. Being alone, going to shows, trailer loading, travel, weather, new routine, new stall, new barn, insufficient stall rest and a nervous rider can be some of the stressors.  Stress can be expressed in many ways.

  1. Stall walking, weaving, cribbing, chewing, kicking, are all signs of stress.
  2. Teeth grinding while stabled and or ridden can be a sign of physical or physiological stress.
  3. Poor behavior while being ridden, pawing, pulling, tail swishing, bucking, rearing, bolting and sensitivities in the back.
  4. Most performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers, usually from a constant show schedule.
  5. Some horses will produce excessive amounts of manure in short periods of time.
  6. Any number of stressful situations can cause a horse to tremble. Just the appearance of the veterinarian, farrier, or the trailer pulling up, can cause some horses to start to shake.
  7. Some horses express stress by biting people, other horses, or things.

Much of a horse’s stress can be relieved by providing consistency and as natural of an environment as possible.  This means daily turn out with access to food, waterand companionship at all times.

Show stress is more difficult to remedy.  Turn out and horse time are very helpful, but rarely used because of possible injury.  To destress a show horse, it needs to be a horse doing horse things.

We provide supplemental stress care for your horses (and dogs) to provide relief and manage their response to stress.  We can help relax the responses of your horses’ mind and body to everyday and environmental stress.

Stress-away and Ulcero-Heal provide relief associated with mental and physical stress.

Stress Away

Ulcero Heal

Does your horse display stressful behaviors?


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