The Facts About Lyme Disease in Horses


This insidious infection is a health threat to horse health in some parts of the
country. There are ways to protect your horse and treat the infection holistically.
The definition of Lyme disease – is an infection with the bacterium BORELIA
BURGDORGERI, which is transmitted to horses via two species of ticks, usually
known as deer ticks.

Sign Of Lyme Diseases

Signs of infection are fever, muscle stiffness, joint inflammation, transient
lameness, behavioral changes and hypersensitivity.

Because the signs of Lyme are subtle and variant, up to 50% of horses carry
antibodies to the bacteria making a diagnosis difficult. Testing options are
improving however, are still imperfect and treatment options can vary widely.
Many use antibiotics which can cause side effects including laminitis and kidney

Because of these side effects, many look for alternative treatments such
as, Ayurveda herbal treatments which is the best way to rid the body of these
harmful toxins and spirochetes. As the spirochetes start to die off with herbal
treatments, it is essential that these toxins are expelled from the body, as not to
accumulate and cause further damage.

Our Ayurveda herbal treatment for Lyme disease is two-fold. We have Blood
Cleanse which will kill off the spirochetes, combined with Inflam-Away which will
expel them along with the toxins through the horse’s urine. This is a 60-day

Blood Cleanse      Inflam Away

This treatment can also be done after a 30-day treatment of antibiotics. Our
Blood Cleanse also cleanses all the vital organs including skin and blood, removing
any remnants from the antibiotics, spirochetes and toxins left behind.

We feel that this is a vital remedy when antibiotics are used during or after treatment.
Blood Cleanse is a major tool in the treatment of many infections related to
horses and dogs. Blood Cleanse is made up of nine unique Ayurvedic herbs that
work together to conquer many systemic issues.

Have you received a Lyme Disease diagnosis? We have products to help.


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